Mass Effect 4 is being developed by real veterans. BioWare reaches out to the creators of the trilogy

At The Game Awards, we saw an intriguing trailer for “the new Mass Effect”. Now players from all over the world are wondering whether BioWare will actually abandon Andromeda in order to continue the trilogy and I have the impression that regardless of the decision made – we can sleep peacefully. The game is developed by real veterans of the series.

BioWare presented two productions at The Game Awards, which aroused the expectations of many. The studio has officially confirmed that it is continuing the development of the Mass Effect series and that “veterans” are working on the new title.

Electronic Arts has not yet confirmed the full list of developers developing the title, but players have already got to some very important details

Mass Effect is being developed by developers who previously developed the trilogy that players love:

Project Director: Mike Gamble (producer ME2, ME3, MEA)

Creative Director: Parrish Ley (ME Trilogy Animator)

Director: Preston Watamaniuk (Chief Designer of the ME Trilogy)

Level Designer: Dusty Everman (Lead Level Designer of the ME Trilogy)

Artistic Director: Derek Watts (Artistic Director of the ME Trilogy)

It is very possible that the above list is preliminary, and among the mentioned veterans there may also be John Ebenger (film designer) or Sam Hulick (composer of music for the trilogy)

I realize that it doesn’t really mean anything yet, but if Electronic Arts has learned a lesson after Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem, then further BioWare projects may present the appropriate level. Creators who contributed to the success of individual brands were delegated to the most important worlds, and not as before – the greatest talents were sent to develop new IPs.

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